The Association for Healthcare Denial and Appeal Management (AHDAM) is the nation's only association dedicated to healthcare denial and appeal management. 


Our mission is to support and promote professionals working in the field of healthcare insurance denial and appeal management through education and collaboration.


Our vision is to create an even playing field where patients and healthcare providers are successful in persuading medical insurers to make proper payment decisions.

Definition of Denial and Appeal Management

Healthcare denial and appeal management is the cumulative work completed by administrative, clinical, coding, and revenue cycle professionals with specialized training in the field. These professionals process denials, underpayments, and overpayments issued by medical insurance agencies and file appeals for inappropriate denials. The goal of healthcare denial and appeal management is to prevent inappropriate denials from occurring through informing and assisting front-end revenue cycle administrative, clinical, and coding processes.

AHDAM Annual Benefit Report, YE 2023
AHDAM Annual Benefit Report, YE 2022